Maybe Cotton Candy Day Described It Better!

It’s a toss up whether our kids liked the 101 bikes that Terry brought from Kids Bike Day or the free cotton candy! Huge thanks to SDRT board member, Laura, and SDRT sustaining partner, Niall, for committing their entire selves (including hair and clothing) to cotton candy floss for three hours straight! It was more than icing on the Bike Day cake!
And, don’t worry, Cura Smiles made sure that sugar didn’t turn into cavities!

Bike Day just keeps getting better and better! 

Whether it was playing Uno with teens, teaching kids how to ride on two (or four!) wheels, eating a juicy burger or building Legos with our tutors, over 100 student and over 100 volunteers and even many parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves last Saturday.

One student still loves coming to Bike Day so much that he came this year, even though he’s in community college.
His words?

“I will always have a place here.”

And, he will.

SDRT is a place of belonging to over 130 students and their families.

Our kids knew that Saturday was all for them. They got to connect with their tutors outside the classroom and enjoyed a day to be a kid in a safe, loving place. This is something we do not take for granted.

A big thanks to Hope for San DiegoCura Smiles, SDGE, Terry and all our volunteers and donors for making events like Bike Day happen.

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