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Our Vision

The vision of San Diego Refugee Tutoring is to achieve social justice through educational access for refugees in City Heights.

The mission of San Diego Refugee Tutoring is to provide one-on-one tutoring and holistic academic support to refugee students attending schools at Ibarra Elementary School and in eastern City Heights.

A tutor with a young boy student.

Upcoming Events

August 21

Back2School Bash 2021: SET-UP CREW


August 21

Back2School Bash 2021: DISTRIBUTION CREW

Tutor, Jess Price

- Jesse Price, Tutoring Volunteer

"Recently I started volunteering with San Diego Refugee Tutoring and I've been partnered with children from a young Somali family. We laugh, pratice cartwheels, and learn basic educational concepts that will help them succeed in this country. It is such a rewarding experience for everyone involved."

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