Stories of Growth: The Paw Family with the Lawrences

This is one of our many “Stories of Growth” in our latest Giving Tuesday Series.

One of our favorite tutor-student “pairs” is the Paw and Lawrence families. We have seen them literally grow up together — the three Paw girls, and the Lawrences’ two children alongside them.

These two families have tutored each other in academics, culture, and life over the span of six years. In the process, they have become good friends.

In the words of The Paw family’s eldest, “These tutors are people who inspire me, people I look up to.” In addition to breaking down information for her so she could understand her homework, the Lawrences serve as role models that she wants to emulate.

“These tutors are people who inspire me, people I look up to.”

-paw Moo

Likewise, working with the Paw family has inspired the Lawrence family’s eldest to pursue a teaching career through her studies at SDSU. 

The Paw Family and the Lawrences today.

San Diego Refugee Tutoring’s story is one of growth. Ten years ago, we tutored 10 kids once a week; today, we tutor 85 kids twice a week. But the greater story of growth is not our numbers but in our students themselves.

The kids who once avoided homework now eagerly come to tutoring seeking help. The ones who arrived in the US without knowing the English alphabet are now flying through chapter books. They come to tutoring and unfold their homework because they believe that they just might be able to do it. This growth in confidence cannot be quantified; it’s immeasurable. 

SDRT is the only accessible academic support for most of our kids. Will you partner with us so we can continue to provide this valuable support for each and every one of our students?

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Melissa Phillips is one of the founders of San Diego Refugee Tutoring and currently serves as its Program Director. She has four incredible children, many years of teaching experience, and a supportive husband who also works in education.


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