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The Challenge We Face

New refugee students are placed in classrooms based on their age, not their academic ability. Most are unable to speak English, and some have never received formal education in their home countries. The typical classroom has up to 30 students, and teachers are unable to customize teaching methods to each student’s needs. In providing one-on-one tutoring for refugee children, San Diego Refugee Tutoring is able to bring each student individual teaching shaped specifically to their needs. 



San Diego Refugee Tutoring is able to bring each student the individual teaching shaped specifically to their needs.

Khalid Cameron

The Value We Provide

Outside of the refugee community, parents with means spend up to $9,000 a year on tutoring for their children at the average private tutoring rate of $25/hour. San Diego Refugee Tutoring provide 2 sessions a week at 1.5 hours each over 30 weeks of the school year. This means that one refugee student would need to spend roughly $2,250 a year to get the tutoring they need.

We provide these tutoring services currently for over 80 students. That means we are providing over $180,000 of tutoring value to the City Heights community per year.

SDRT Brings $180K/yr in value

We Go Above and Beyond

But our services go beyond this monetary valuation. Our program also meets countless intangible needs -- built-in mentorship between tutors and students, social support for families in need, childhood memories from extracurricular activities, and the much deserved reminder that each child is welcomed and valued in our community.

We have been able to provide these services free of charge for the past 10 years, a product of our desire to give back to the community coupled with our devoted volunteer base. As we continue to expand, we are in need of more than just love and time.

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