Our Kids are Ready! Are YOU?

It was a grand effort from a multitude of people. We joined together from churches, high schools, clubs and businesses, not to mention all the individuals, and helped our kids get excited about the first week of school, which is in two days. From haircuts to shoes to socks and underwear, our kids are ready!

 One incoming fourth grader announced proudly upon departure,

“I am in love with my new backpack!”

Thank you for stuffing pencil pouches, receiving countless bags and boxes from Amazon, purchasing thousands of dollars worth of items from our Wish Lists and showing up to smile and tell our kids you hope they have a great new year of school. Our kids need folks to pump them up and encourage them to work hard and have success at school. Thank you for being those people.


We don’t just hand out school supplies and wish our kids well—we are here for the long haul. We are here when lessons are confusing, homework feels overwhelming or skills are lacking.

TEAM SDRT showed up last Saturday to distribute school supplies and we’ll keep showing up this entire school year for support.

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