Finishing Well

After yet another year of being flexible and innovative, we celebrated this past weekend that Zoom tutoring has (finally!) come to an end, kids are moving to new grades and WE DID IT! We survived 3+ years of some serious unpredictability and still finished strong! 

Thank you, TEAM SDRT!

Thank you for stuffing pencil pouches, receiving countless bags and boxes from Amazon, purchasing thousands of dollars worth of items from our Wish Lists and showing up to smile and tell our kids you hope they have a great new year of school. Our kids need folks to pump them up and encourage them to work hard and have success at school. Thank you for being those people.

Bike Day is remembered fondly by many of our students who have been around for almost a decade. Some just sat and watched the magic, reminiscing the days ‘when they were young.’ Our newest students could not get enough of the sizes and shapes of bikes and trikes to choose from.

The winners of the 30-Day Reading Challenge posed proudly! Good job to all who participated and are becoming better readers! Hope you read all those books we gave you for the summer!

Our volunteers are the absolute best. They are the backbone of what we do. We can’t thank you all enough for supporting our students by attending tutoring (both in-person and on Zoom) regularly and showing up and making memories at events such as Bike Day! 

These folks helped us get ready for our Back to School Event on Aug. 12 by collecting shoe sizes. Save the date and join us! 

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