They Come Anyway

It might be cold and dark outside and they may not have a jacket, but they still come. Their parents may not be home to remind them what time it is, but theymanage to get here. There may not always be enough tutors, but they show up each week anyway. 

This past week, we had three high school students beg to come inside even though there was less than an hour left of tutoring and we were completely out of tutors. (We let them in!)

Our students value the safe, warm place theycan come to twice a week where they are known and where they belong. Not only are there always enough tables, chairs, snacks and school supplies, but there is always at least one adult (if not many) that knows them by name. They know they can get real help, regardless of where they are at academically or how they compare to others in their grade. Some kids have been coming for the last decade. They know they can connect with others, who have similar stories to theirs. They have grown up in this community. Several students still come, even though they are in community college. Others ask for rides because they live on the other end of town now but still want to come. They know that we welcome them.

They know that they belong.


Will you join us this week? We had about 75 students come to tutoring each night this past week. We want each student to have their own tutor. Will you RSVP now? We will need at least 150 of you for this coming week!

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