His Favorite Thing About SDRT Is The People

It’s that time for year-end giving. We know that you have a lot of organizations reaching out to you for both your attention and your wallet. Why should you consider giving to SDRT? 

Because SDRT supports families, wherever they are in their academic journeys. Meet four members of one amazing family: Habon, Khalid, Suheib and Iklas. 

SDRT supports families from preschool through college. Iklas was in preschool when she joined SDRT, and Habon is now in her senior year at SDSU. We have walked through all different stages with these four siblings. From learning letters and how to write them to summarizing chapters and teaching times tables to encouraging enrollment in AP courses to studying together for the SAT, SDRT has come alongside each of these remarkable kids as they have grown up.

Habon is a recipient of multiple Jodi Maroney Memorial Scholarships from SDRT, which have helped her pay for college. Khalid is already contemplating Ivy League Schools for his future. Suheib has possibly the best tutoring attendance (and racing time) in our books and Iklas (now in 6th grade!) is thrilled about getting into the Preuss School, just a few weeks ago.

While the academic support is helpful, Khalid says his favorite thing about SDRT is the people.

As it turns out, kids and tutors alike appreciate what is known as the SDRT community. The kids benefit from the encouraging words, smiling faces and consistency of folks who show up regularly. The tutors are moved by the energy our kids bring—who could be this excited to come get tutored?! But, it’s the people the kids are excited to see: the people who get to know students and develop genuine relationships. It is the feeling of being known and seen—the feeling that you matter—that draws folks in.

SDRT believes strongly in the 1:1 tutoring model. It would be much easier to have tutors teach groups of kids, as we would then need so many fewer tutors. But, these people, this community, this electrifying energy, is created through this 1:1 model of folks showing up for kids in a real, life-changing way.

Would you consider giving a one-time gift or become a recurring donor at SDRT before 2023? 

We need your contribution to keep supporting all students at all stages in their academic journeys like this beautiful family. 


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