We Are Celebrating Anyway

Despite Covid-19, we found a way to celebrate our high school seniors!

Even though we couldn’t attend our high school students’ graduation ceremonies in person, TEAM SDRT found a way! We made signs, bought balloons and flowers, and decorated our cars. Hope For San Diego and TEAM SDRT prepared thoughtful gifts for each graduate. We pulled up as a car parade outside each home, knocked on their door and then cheered, honked, and shouted until every neighbor on the block was clapping too! Each student felt special and loved by the SDRT community. For most of these students, they are the first ones in their families to graduate from high school. This is a milestone we couldn’t miss!

Pilot Tutoring and Troubleshooting

TEAM SDRT has been piloting a couple of different 1:1 online tutoring options. It has been great to connect with our kids, even if it is through a screen. We are figuring out what further systems we will need to create as well as supports our kids will need if we are going to need to tutor like this in the fall. Aside from the constant tech issues, there is one thing we know for sure: our kids are a joy to work with in person and on Zoom! 

Please note: We are not currently taking any volunteers for this pilot program. We will most certainly inform you when we decide on a future model that you can be involved in.

Sprouts, Diapers, Soap and More!

TEAM SDRT continues to deliver essential items along with fresh fruits and vegetables to our families every other week. We appreciate the donations from Sprouts in Chula Vista and YOU! Each contribution helps!

Black Lives Matter to SDRT

The SDRT Board is processing how racism towards the Black community has affected and will continue to affect our Black students. It’s a reality that no one on the Board can understand experientially, but we recognize its power in shaping our students’ futures. We know that this reality will make it more difficult for our Black students to access opportunities and resources and may require them to work two or three times harder than their peers to reach the heights that they and their families desire. May SDRT continue to support our students and fight to bridge those gaps which the long-time implications of color have created. 
To our volunteers, donors, and followers, thank you for being a part of our mission.

Please go here if you would like to contribute financially to the work of SDRT.

About Melissa Phillips

Melissa Phillips is one of the founders of San Diego Refugee Tutoring and currently serves as its Program Director. She has four incredible children, many years of teaching experience, and a supportive husband who also works in education.

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