Blasting Off – The Last Fun Fridays of the School Year!

As the school year draws to a close, we concluded our Fun Friday trimester with two amazing activities for our students: 3D Shapes and Secret Codes and Mini Rockets! They were the perfect finale to what has been an incredibly fruitful year of Fun Fridays through the pandemic–and even through Ramadan!

A big thank you to our tutor David for rallying his colleagues to organize our first ever math-focused Fun Friday! He planned an engaging activity for our 5th through 8th graders which allowed them to practice their fine motor skills in creating 3D shapes. It was a hands-on and visual way for students to experience geometry and learn the names of various polyhedrons. His colleagues taught our students about secret codes and had them write their own messages and crack the messages of their peers! A huge success from David and his team!

Next, Adhwita curated the last Fun Friday worthy of a grand finale! Thanks to her excellent planning, our 3rd through 6th graders were able to make mini rockets and blast them off outside. Who knew that mini M&M tubes and a plastic film canister could reach the skies with just a bit of Alka-Seltzer and water?! Our students couldn’t wait to go outside to blast their rockets off into space. They waited through the lesson and instructions with great anticipation and then were running off outdoors to send their personal rockets flying. Thank you so much to Adhwita for planning such an engaging activity and allowing our students to taste the first bit of summer with an outdoor activity!

Even through Ramadan, our students eagerly participated in Fun Fridays because they have something relaxing and engaging to look forward to each week. Though we say it again and again, we truly mean it; THANK YOU to all of our volunteers and donors for making Fun Fridays through this long pandemic possible. Our students deserve to experience activities, lessons, and skills that many of us take for granted: arts, crafts, cooking, puzzles, and more. Each of these experiences helps build their overall knowledge and muscle memory which improves their ability and capacity to learn academic concepts.

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Cheers to our students and volunteers for celebrating Fridays in 2020-2021!!

About Mimi Lee

Mimi started volunteering for SDRT in 2016 and currently serves as its Middle & High School Director. She met her husband at SDRT, and they live together in City Heights. She has her Master's in Education and teaching credential in English Language Arts.

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