Two Brothers and Two Tutors
Over 5 Years…

We are fortunate to have many tutors now who have been working with the same students such as these two boys, Rami and Faisal, for years and years. 

Your financial contributions, whether one-time or monthly recurring, allow students such as Rami and Faisal, to not only receive the academic support they need but also to feel a sense of community in this new country. Their tutors, Pascal and Anne, have independently become friends with the entire family of 10 (soon to be 11) over the years.

For almost four years, Pascal has been tutoring with SDRT, first at the “beehive” atmosphere in-person at Ibarra, where he felt his own spirits uplifted, and then through Zoom during the pandemic. Pascal took a deep interest in Rami, the oldest son in the family, noticing early on that he was gifted in math, curious about the world, loved stories and was always up for trying new activities. 

Anne met Faisal, now in fifth grade, as a wee four-year-old, in transitional kindergarten, eager to learn his letters and sounds. Faisal captured her heart almost immediately, and though she taught elementary school students full-time during the day, she didn’t miss a session with her new buddy, Faisal, on Tuesday nights.  

After a couple of years, both Anne and Pascal met Faisal and Rami’s parents and became friends with their family, spending time together, eating meals, raving over their mom’s exquisite cooking skills and watching the loving playfulness among the eight children and their parents. In Anne’s experience, she recalls, “His family was always so kind as they began to invite me to eat with them, which was a wonderful cultural experience. I got to know all the children in the family, and they always make a point to come see me when I visit.”

One of the many feasts created by Faisal and Rami’s family for Anne, Pascal and other tutors at SDRT.

Pascal found joy as he spent more and more time with Rami and his siblings. “As the semesters passed, Rami, his siblings and I developed our friendship. We went to the beach, bowling, ice skating or skateboarding and learned from each others’ cultural backgrounds.” Many of these experiences occurred at SDRT sponsored events and field trips such as bowling, hiking, Bike Day and ice skating.

Even when Rami and Faisal and their family moved to Oregon, these well-established relationships continued. Whether it was Zoom tutoring or FaceTime, Anne and Pascal continued to support Faisal and Rami both emotionally and academically from their homes in San Diego. Anne describes it like this: “It truly feels like my life has been enriched by getting to know this family. I really believe my life is better for having found this organization.”

These relationships and the community that is built is possible because of San Diego Refugee Tutoring. The student’s and tutors’ lives are forever changed.

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