We Finished This Race with Energy To Spare!

Thanks to you all, our students (and tutors!) ran the City Heights Runners 5k and Fun Run last weekend. We crushed it. Many placed in their categories!

Look for the fluorescent pink sweatbands and you’ll find TEAM SDRT. We cheered our hearts out both for our people as well as anyone running by. We went out of the gates faster than most and in true SDRT fashion, ended with energy! Afterward, all 80 of us invaded the playground, walked the lake and took in the beautiful scenery. It was a day we’ll remember.

One student even took his medal to share with his class!

Tutoring Finish Line Fast Approaching

It’s hard to believe it, but the 2022-23 school year is coming to a close. With Ramadan ending this weekend, we are sure to have a full house in-person and on Zoom these last few weeks! 

Will you RSVP for the last weeks of tutoring? We will need you.

Tutoring ends on May 18th (Zoom)
and May 23rd (in-person).

Stay tuned for the end-of-year event!

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