Festival and Frosting

The holidays are in full swing at San Diego Refugee Tutoring. We hope that you will join us this week for our last tutoring session on 12/17.

San Diego Refugee Tutoring supports over 150 refugee students. We want to see our kids thrive academically. We also want them to have typical American experiences that they won’t forget such as attending the Winter Festival at Ibarra. SDRT purchased tickets so all of our students and their families could attend and enjoy the food, games, and crafts. Several SDRT volunteers helped out, too!

Hope for San Diego and SDRT collaborated to provide a sweet, sugary night on Thursday where students and their tutors could bond over frosting and sprinkles, with a little holiday music in the background. All enjoyed the festive evening.

About Melissa Phillips

Melissa Phillips is one of the founders of San Diego Refugee Tutoring and currently serves as its Program Director. She has four incredible children, many years of teaching experience, and a supportive husband who also works in education.

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